Everybody is Welcome


There are not many places families can get together for free in Thanet. At Summer Kitchen 2019 we enjoyed each other’s company. Our children played together and let off steam whilst parents relaxed. They sat and took the time to talk, share experiences and offer support when needed.

We then ate a lovely meal together. Some evenings there was entertainment in the form of a magician or a comedian. Most evenings there was music and ‘our song’ is Yellow Submarine. We also, at the request of the parents, invited important people in our community to speak to us. 

We can only be a community, looking after each other and getting things done if we come together but more than that the fun we have together relieves the stress families are suffering under austerity.

You can see in these photos how much we all enjoyed ourselves. Nobody wanted to leave on the last evening.

“There is no stigma or shame” (Daisy 2019) in coming to Summer Kitchen. Everyone is made welcome. Everything is provided for free thanks to support from our KCC councilors: Barry Lewis and Karen Constantine. Sainsbury’s provided volunteer support and their customer’s provided food.  

We come together to provide ourselves with a stay at home holiday. You do not need to renew your passport, book your journey or pack your suitcase just get on the Loop bus and come and have fun.


See you at Summer Kitchen 2020.