Gleaning for cherries for Summer Kitchen

 Sharon Goodyer and Carrie Eeles Gleaning for Cherries July 2019 

What is gleaning?


FEEDBACK - Feeding People, Backing the Planet 

Feedback’s Gleaning Network gives volunteers all over the country an opportunity to engage with the food system hands on by helping us rescue fresh, surplus fruit and veg from farms where it would otherwise be wasted, and get it to good causes. In doing so we are bringing an age-old practice to avoid waste, gleaning, into the 21st century. 


Feedback’s research has found that farmers waste around 16% of their crop before it even leaves the field or barn – often due to factors beyond their control, such as produce not being the right shape or size for supermarket tastes, or inaccurate forecasting by retailers of how much produce they will buy, leaving farmers with excess crop on their hands.   


Carrie Eeles with teams of volunteers working together with Summer Kitchen.

We are working closely with Carrie Eeles and teams of volunteers from the Kent Gleaning Network. She has teamed up with Sharon ensuring that quality, locally sourced food goes back into the local community of Thanet. Kent Gleaning Network will be supplying cherries, potatoes and leaf vegetables to Summer Kitchen from the local farms in Kent.